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trail in montgomery county. >> police say a woman was attacked in the trail in bethesda. steven? >> reporter: after this brutal attack, a warning from a authorities tonight for those women who use the capital crescent trail, don't go there alone. as these women ran along the capital trail tonight, something stalked them. fear. >> it's scary out here. >> reporter: sunday night some time after sun down, a 21-year-old woman jogging here, stopping for a deer on the trail. authorities say a man sneaked up behind her and hit her over the head and knocked her out. >> people running all the time. >> reporter: tonight police patrolled the trail. so far no suspect but for the women running here, the officers are a almost sight. >> we saw the police walking. i hope they continue to be here during the time of the night. >> reporter: we saw a lot of cyclist but few returners and very few women. these women say until yesterday, they might have gone running here alone but not ymore. >> i want to come by himself after i saw it. maybe in the day but i would definitely -- >> reporter: becaus
points last summer, a 40 page plan that no one could get through. moving along, steven, you bring together politics and policy, you are good at it today, market sell-off, almost 2% on the dow, dupdupont cuts jobs worldwide is this economy shrinking again. >> every time it looks like this economy, the slumbering giant will pick itself up, we see another falter this is troubling, their earnings had been picking up. now with a series of really lousy earnings reports am the reasons that the repoots are so bad is because people are not buying these company's products, consumers are not spend will that is a problem. circle this back to politics that is a problem for barack obama two weeks over the election. gerri: and kirs tin middle american having trouble as well, with incomes, falling dramatically. at the end of the day when people go to polls do you think they are voting -- last night we talked about foreign policy, is it going to be about the economy? >> almost entirely about the economy, about what people feel, and what they think that obama -- do they feel it has improved at all?
. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex enough and just big enough that it is truly a case where hundreds of people were required to really get it off the ground. there's really nothing -- that's the kind of thing we dream about. working shoulder to shoulder with that many people to make something happen. it has never happened before. what a pleasure. unfortunately, the mfac award is limited to four people. we are up here representing an entire team. some of that court team is here tonight, including lauren, alex, lisa foster, hank wilson, lesley, jason lee, and brendan monaghan. [applause] those are some of the folks -- those are just some of the folks that really made sfpark happen. i hope you have a chance tonight to meet and congratulate them. these incredibly dedicated, hard-working people. i also want to especially acknowledged the tma'mta's cfo. [applause] without
by steven dennis, who covers the white house for roll call newspaper and josh rogin, a staff writer with foreign policy magazine and the author of the cable blog. how did we get to this path? the president said it was really congress that did this and some people said no the white house had a role. how did we get to this. >> a lot of folks were shaking their heads wondering what he was saying because the reality is the president was involved. he helped craft this deal. this sequestration is really a symptom of washington's failure to get a budget deal. for 18 months the two sides have been squaring off and the the democrats are off in their corner saying we need to raise taxes on the wealthy. the republicans are saying we have to have a cuts-only plan. when they cut this deal a year-and-a-half ago, it was designed to bring the two parties together, to make it so onerous that both sides had to come... >> ifill: nobody thought it would ever be real. >> yeah. i think that basically the idea was the super committee was going to take a crack at coming up with an alternative. they failed.
as the attack unfolded. as you know, four americans were killed, including ambassador christopher stevens. sharyl attkisson has our story. >> reporter: the e-mails contain the earliest descriptions so far of what happened at benghazi the night ofty t attack. at 4:05 p.m. eastern time on september 11 an alert from the state department operations center was issued to a number of government and intelligence agencies. including were the white house situation room, the office of the director of national intelligence and the f.b.i. u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi under attack. approximately 20 armed people fired shots, explosions have been heard as well. ambassador stevens who is currently in benghazi and four chief of mission personnel are in the compound safe haven. at 4:54, less than an hour later, another alert "the firing in benghazi has stopped, a response team is on site attempting to locate chief of mission personnel." then at 6:07, state sent out another alert saying the embassy in tripoli reported the islamic military group ansar al-sharia claims responsibility for benghazi attack
in wax. madame tussauds' wax museum unveiled their latest creation, steven spielberg's hit character e.t. the statue celebrates the 30th anniversary of the film which still attracts plenty of young viewers. visitors can pose with e.t. in the flight basket taking off in one of the film's most memorable scenes. >> e.t. phone home. >> bill is scaring us this morning. >>> well, gentlemen, start your mowers. the british grand prix for lawn mower racing took place in the muddiest of fields making for some wet and wild racing. competitors say it didn't dampen the spirit of the game but it did slow things down a bit. and don't joke about the sport. these racers take it seriously with some of these mowers costing more than the average used car. it is business. >>> and finally in dubai, one cafe might have you asking, where's the beef? that's because cafe to go has added a modern twist to traditional arab delicacies by serving camel milk and meat in their coffee and dishes. that's instead of cow. patrons can try camel lattes, camel chinos and camel meat fajitas. the camel milk has apparently a d
, president of united way bay area to come up and say a few words. >> thank you steven. this is a really great celebration want congratulations to you and congratulations to west field and congratulations to the city and congratulations to all your teammates who are here that have great jobs with a great company and as the united way target is a partner not just here in the bay area but all across this country. target teammates participate in the community and with many nonprofits and last year teammates give over $15 million to the local united ways and that is no exception here in the bay area. we value the partnership greatly. congratulations on 50 years. the bay year is celebrating 90 years this year so we have been partners all those years and the tradition conditions. mr. mayor speaking of partnerships one partnership that we were all a part of that you make didn't think is the summer jobs plus initiative. target joined by more than 100 companies with mayor lee to launch that program here in san francisco and one more example when we put out the call to employers who will parti
steven fong here who was then the chair of the board of trustees. he said, you know, we ran into some problem with the chinese hospital. and our board would like to talk to you. so i said, well, i'm at work, you know? after 5:00 i will meet you at uncles for coffee. and so i met at uncle with him and several board members, and also a physician who is not here today and i wish i had remembered to bring him out, dr. roland low. >> so they told me that the state health, you know, services have are going to shut them down and that was a friday. and by tuesday, they have to relocate all of the patients because this hospital building does not conform to the fire code of those days. and i said what? he says, our doorway is too narrow. our staircase is too narrow. and because they have sent notices to the administrator and who said he couldn't fix it, so he neglected it, but any way, the end of the story was they had five working days to move and shut the hospital. and what could be done about it? i said, shutting the hospital? and i said, who told you that? and so they gave me all of the pap
saturday, is it? >> what a great prank. >>> steven, neither one of us are married, but i've been told there's benefits to being married. allegedly. this, i think, is probably one of the best benefits. it's a quick tutorial on -- >> how to open a beer bottle with your ring. >> very short video. all you have to do, hook your wedding ring underneath your finger up underneath the bottle cap, put your finger over top. >> i feel like i may have seen this trick. you can pop it and then drink it in one swoop. >> benefits to being married. we found one. >>> stand up. where your mon beis video is a re-enactment of an actual event. seth was chilling in his home when all the sudden a robber came in with a gun. once the robber left, he left behind only the case of the iphone. as he was looking at this case, he had one of those ah-ha moments. >> of all the things i could have done differently to prevent myself from becoming a victivictim - victim victim -- >> and realized maybe the iphone case could be used as a protective guys. basically, it's a stun gun cartridge with a cradle for your iphone. >> i kee
and then she was fired. debbie stevens was unjustly fired from her job at a long island car dealership. this paves the way for stevens to file a $15 million lawsuit against the dealership and her former boss. >>> were the san diego chargers caught cheating during sunday's game? line ref claims he confiscated a towel from an equipment manager that had a banned sticky substance on it. the substance helps players grab and hold on to the ball. the team denies the claims. the nfl is investigating. >>> it is time now for your brew on this responses. last night president obama and mitt romney squared off in their third and final debate. we want to know did it influence your decision? >> here are some of your responses. the debate served to strengthen my opinion that governor romney is very ready to become president. >> paul caruso tweeted us i am sticking with romney. last night didn't change anything for me. what foreign experience did obama have? none. >> tom says no tonight's debate had no effect on my decision. the first debate told me all i need to do know. >> thank you to all who respon
about the guy who was running mitt romney is campaign. stew stevens had complete control over all aspects including advertising, strategy, they decided he had been overemphasizing jobs and the economy at the expense of character and like ability. during the convention they set him up to be much more likable and carrying that out. lou: he is still there but not as overextended. putting that kind of the. what about romney not going after that benghazi storey? there is such a massive contradictions. >> it would please me and other people they made a calculated decision the base to was eager to see the president's years and back. to make the decision to be more presidential, kind and gentle talk about peace and don't get into the weeds over benghazi. lou: we will get some empirical evidence. as they start to kick and with the battleground states. secretary of state clinton that just took responsibility was trumped almost the next day by the president taking responsibility. where is she? a foreign policy debate and secretary of state not in sight? >> the national security advisor, chie
steven on facebook oh, this was a foreign policy debate? could have fooled me. moderator bob schaffer said olama bin laden after a slip of the tongue. for complete analysis of tonight's debate and a story board of regional reaction on social media, join us online at nbc >> police are stepping up patrols along the capital crescent trail in bethesda. officers on bike and horseback started surveying the area after a woman was knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: well, that woman was out here on the capital crescent trail south of massachusetts avenue in bethesda. all of the sudden, she was knocked unconscious. woke up, dragged off of the trail. move a little to the left and you can see police put up this yellow crime scene tape. a warning to joggers and bikers out here while they combed for evidence searching for the leaves. tonight, police are issuing another warning to people who use the trail. be careful. >> tonight, maryland national capital park police patrolled the capital crescent trail searching for possible clues into the sexual assault of a 2
advanced and after chris stevens was tragically killed, 30,000 libyans came out with signs saying, we love america, we love chris stevens. that's america at its best. on the mitt romney, you have this confusion, you have completely helter skelter policy. >> tomorrow at work people will be talking about it and i have to say there's nothing from the romney side that i remember but that line about we don't have as many horses in the military anymore, that sounds to me like what people are going to be saying at work tomorrow. >> well, i hope so because this is serious business. i'm not going to laugh about it. it is really serious business. we have, you know, still too many troops in afghanistan for many people's liking. we have to transition that war but we have to do it in a way that protects the sacrifice of the troops that have been there and what we need to do for our security as a platform against counterterrorism. we don't want people being able to come back into the country and plot against our country again. so we have enormous challenges. but i listen to mitt romney tonight trying to
exactly happened in libya. as you know chris stevens and three other americans murdered. it's impossible to verify. as i said, we need a presidential press conference. rally of peters author of book, colonel in tonight's debate what would you do personally if you were mitt romney on the libyan situation? how would you handle that? you heard brit hume has to be done presidential? >> i would ask the president to send his director of national intelligence, director of central intelligence and director of the national security agency to capitol hill to testify under oath about what they knew and when they knew it. no need to go into sources or methods, no top secret stuff, just under oath, what did they know and when did they know it. the reason i throw the ngsa in there, keith alexander would not lie. two, the national security agency already picked up the phone chatter which would tell us this was a terrorist attack. >> bill: you would challenge the president during the debate on television to do that. would you say, will you do that? is that how you would pose it? >> yes. i would do it in
. they are democratic state senate majority peter steven horsford and republican danny tarkanian. let us begin. mr. tarkanian, a coin toss determined you're up first. >> thank you and thank you to pbs for hosting this debate and giving people an opportunity to hear from their candidates about important issues. these are part of forms for the public to see the differences and the contrast between each of the candidates. this is so important that i offered to debate my opponent and each of the different counties in which this district represents. this is a large we did the largest and most diverse districts in the state with a lot of different interests -- this is the largest and most of first district in the state with a lot of different ages. unfortunately, my opponent declined to do so. over the past nine months, i travel throughout the district and talk to the people from these communities. we discussed the issues that affect them and some solutions we hope to solve. i look forward to talking about those solutions today and i appreciate you watching. >> thank you. senator steven horsford, your o
about the movie, most people think when you say you are in war horse they say the movie. steven spielberg saw the original production in london, was so inspired by it that he decided to take the rights and make it into a movie. what you find is that there is something magical about what adrian and bazel have created with joey. there is something a little bit spectacular, beyond belief. >> the thing that i think would be the hardest to capture, which makes the emotions run so high, is the relationship that you have with an animal because you can't really -- he doesn't talk back to you, yet you communicate. to be able to do that on stage must be amazing. >> like anything else, any other relationship you have with a dog, a cat, that is where you infuse it. what is so special about the relationship with animals which is why audiences go to that place and have assist cyril con -- and have a vice sir rail connection, it's beyond words. it makes it a more holistic and pure relationship. >> so, like, when you work with animals you never know, they are unpredictable, do unpredictable thi
stevens was killed, dana, 30,000 libyans took their signs, said we love you, ambassador stevens. we love you america. they marched, they marched on the militia headquarters that had done this. they disarmed them themselves. we have changed perceptions throughout that part of the world. now they're going through a very complicated moment. i mean, nobody, no islamists, and not the united states, told a fruit vendor in tunisia, you got to -- because a police officer slapped you and took away your weighing machine and your ability to sell fruit. he did that because he was outraged at a government that was oppressing him. and that brought all the tunisians together. nobody told those people in tahrir square, those young people, that wasn't islamic. that was young people, a generational revolution saying, we want jobs, we want an opportunity. that's what's happening in the middle east. we should welcome it, and embrace it, and understand it. president obama has done that. mitt romney's been hiding behind it. >> "the wall streejournal" would disagree. he wrote this, there's a case to be made th
, helped them catch him red-handed. michael steven mckenny was arrested thursday, after maryland police released this footage of the alleged peeping tom, setting up his cameras. >> what we found was the camera had been set up in june. and it was operated through a motion detector. >> reporter: in court documents, police say for more than four months, mckenny was able to capture images of the women in their bathrooms and bedrooms, in all stages of undress. even using the toilet. police say mckenny was brazen, entering the apartment multiple times during the day, to reposition his leering lens. >> he knew the young women. he stole their keys, copied them and returned them before they had an opportunity to notice. >> reporter: watch him here, as he appears to wipe away his own footprints. >> it's not the first time we've seen it here. people are able to do these things very surreptitiously. >> reporter: women unwittingly caught on camera again and again. in tampa, florida, these roommates wanted answers after they found an elaborate camera system in their apartment in 2011. >> i just wante
, i knew ambassador stevens, his parents have asked, please stop politicize this, i hope this gets moved out where it should be. let's talk about real issues, i was glad that romney did not continue politicize this tragedy in this country. >> well, i would have thought it interesting to have a debate tonight on a legitimate issue worthy of discussion, which is why was an american ambassador in a dangerous place left unprotected on 9/11. and why did this president continue to plame a movie for two weeks? >> apparently in the mind of your nominee, this kind of attack is not worthy of being president. it's not worthy of this country. >> that was a decision bsh. >> i aplowed him for it, and i applaud the president for his job. >> we have some more information on our poll, and also some fact checking. let's go to wolf for that. >> thank you. our expert team of producers, researchers have been busy trying to figure out whether the candidates were busy telling the truth. >> president obama was bragging about certain policy success in libya. he said the u.s. held gadhafi at a fraction of t
created the environment in which ambassador stevens and others were murdered. jon: he is the commander-in-chief and does the war powers act not give him the opportunity, the right to use military force where he deems it appropriate? >> it does but to have suggested that he had time to consult and get the approval of the arab league and nato and not the approval of the united states congress is an insult to congress, an insult to the american people and an insult to the constitution. and it shows a rush to please the european mentality. qaddafi's bad and he has got to go, without thinking about the likely consequences of such an invasion. and those consequences unfortunately were manifested on september 11th when the ambassador was murdered. and then to dispatch a u.n. ambassador rice to lie about it and to do this at the height of a presidential campaign is chutzpah that governor romney should have challenged last night. jon: judge andrew napolitano, our senior judicial analyst. judge, thank you. >> a pleasure, jon. jenna: besides libya one of the other big topics in the debate is the
is saying hello on this tuesday morning. >> i'm not sure steven tyler has ever been up that early. >> maybe will just stay up late. >> right, exactly. >> you know what else is happening, "law & orderer svu," a lot of crime-solving. got the cast live in our studio this morning. there they are, mariska and the gang. already a headline ripping the headlines a moment ago. >> almost had to put a chalk outline around richard belzer. everybody is okay. nobody got hurt. an interview with them. needless to say belzer was at the center of it. >> the facts do it every time. >> slippery floors around here. >>> also ahead. imagine posting a photo of yourself in your underwear online? i know. >> again. >> how many times has that happened to you? well, you know what, this young woman decided to do that. it was really a commentary. she said she was tired of being picked on about her weight and she wanted to challenge opinions about beauty and size. the response has been overwhelming, and we'll talk to that young lady coming up >> you know, that's brad pitt chanel commercials are the gift that just keep on
is going to be a bigger draw, but the fans are primarily after the mini today. >> steven nicholas took a look at the website today and said they've marginally raised their prices on the 2 and the 3. does that mean the mini comes in where some expect? >> i think it will come in above where the analysts are expecting. we're putting it around $329, give or take. i think most people expect it to be below $300. but that's an apple product. that's a higher quality product with a full ecosystem. >> you say that means perhaps they do not have to skimp on specs. what are the bells and whistles? >> i think everyone is expecting a better camera than what you'd find on a nexus 7 or a kindle. maybe a 5 mega pixel back camera, whereas the base competitors don't even have a back camera. the processor will obviously be very fast to make sure you can -- the interface is smooth. so across the board, it's going to be a high quality product, just as you would expect from apple. >> finally, you heard some of the i-macs that are potentially going to be presented today, but it may be a game time decision. >>
is brandishing a visual aid. >> it's almost like an etch a sketch. >> reporter: that had steven colbert looking for an etch a sketch. you know who the etch a sketch comment was good for? the makers of etch a sketch. sales of these things spiked about 1,000%. catch phrases get etched on t shirts and turned into viral videos. >> you didn't build that. >> reporter: even an empty chair. >> what do you mean shutup? >> reporter: can become a catch phrase in this case president obama when he blew the first debate. a year or so after the election we are all going to have obama romnesia which erases all 2012 catch phrases. >> mom, you did build that. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> an entire army battalion got a huge welcome home from afghanistan. the 115th signal battalion is based in huntsville, alabama. they have been supporting the security forces in kandahar. >>> one of the judges took a spill on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> let the baby making begin. that was ridiculous. >> wow. >> she said she was okay after falling off the judge's chair knocked out by the sexy dance. >>> d
this is not libyan, this is not islam. we respect the ambassador stevens and i worked with him when he was a u.s. envoy he was respected and loved and libya with the question remains why the violence. modeling course in libya but we saw in yemen and tunisia and i keep emphasizing the destabilized and traumatized nations. i think the element of how to work with the groups who are trying to come back and address the issues and understanding that right now on the ground this is one of the biggest issue is the civil society is trying to come together with. in most cases, there's an assumption to receive the funding were to be accepted by the western nations you have to distance yourself from religion. i can't that the exception has been in libya you have seen some groups step out, and in particular there is the network that of some of the most respected in libya that have been very active at least in terms of issuing statements and this isn't just recently even after the revolution in 2011. the network issued a statement to promote international women's rights. so here is a country in the midst of
heroes, pat park and steven rumble. [ applause ] >> thank you, so much, jen. and it is such an incredible honor to be here. thank you for america for hosting us, thank you for being an active inspiration, here for us and to the program. which we will talk more about today which was found in large part by... and thank you for getting the whole... chief information officer and mayor it is a huge honor to be in your presence as well. >> thank you so much for coming. >> thank you. >> and thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come here today. we are here for a work session. we are actually going to go deep on which... and get your thoughts. so here is actually what is going to happen for the next couple of hours or so. we are going to have a brief context and then we will hear mayor lee make an exciting announcement. which i will introduce the projects and we will do... and break out into session and go deep and provide feedback. i need it and come back together for a... session. so,... talk about something called the... which is really an un
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)